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Black Truffle Sea Salt

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Prized by Roman chefs since the early fifth century, a taste of Truffle turns everyday meals into gourmet creations. Wealthy Romans would give a Truffle as a gift to honor the recipient as well as the giver. Sprinkle this finishing Salt on meats, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, seafood and popcorn to add a hint of earthy, mushroomy flavor. Mix with a swirl of olive oil to create a gourmet bread dipper.

Packaged in our gold-top glass size jar, approximately 1/2 cup.

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Brining Kit ~ DIY


Brining is a simple process for lean meats, like poultry, pork and shrimp, to make them juicier and more flavorful.

Brining involves two processes: (1) salt dissolves proteins in the meat, allowing the fibers to relax and soften, and (2) muscle fibers absorb liquid (mostly water), plumping and softening the meat. Make sure that your meat has not been brined before you buy it (e.g. “extra tender” pork and most turkey breast roasts are pre-brined with salt or sodium phosphate).

The spices in this kit are intended to make 2 gallons of brining solution, enough for a 12-14 pound turkey or two whole chickens. A very large turkey may need up to three gallons; additional brining spices can be purchased at Local Spicery.

What You Need: This kit includes a large pouch of sea salt, a pouch of brining spices, a brining bag large enough for a 24-lb turkey, and a zip-tie closure for the bag. You will need a large stock pot (at least 8-quart) and a way to chill your meat for up to 24 hours — a 5-gallon bucket to put in your refrigerator or a large ice chest with ice to pack around the meat.

The DIY Brining Kits come in two flavor profiles:
Traditional: Brightens your meat with the flavors of Sweet Bay, Juniper Berries, and Mustard, Coriander and Fennel Seeds for a traditional Thanksgiving flavor;
Chetumal: Delivers a spicy, Yucatecan flavor through Paprika, Chiles, and Mexican Oregano.

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Drinking Chocolate

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Local Spicery’s Drinking Chocolate! Available in a variety of flavors from October through May, while supplies last. Decadent, rich, and deeply satisfying! Blended from local craft-made chocolate and dark Belgian cocoa with a touch of coconut sugar. Delivers a deep, rich, slightly bitter chocolate flavor without too much sweetness and no dairy products. Sold in 6 ounce tins.


Directions: One rounded Tbsp to 6 oz heated milk of choice. Simmer while stirring until chocolate is melted & fully combined with milk. Strain into cup. An additional teaspoon of sugar makes a more traditional hot chocolate.




Classic Dark Hot Chocolate ~ Blended from local craft-made chocolate and dark Belgian cocoa. Delivers a deep, rich, slightly bitter chocolate flavor without too much sweetness.  Hand-blended in small batches with: Tcho Dark Chocolate Crumbles [cacao, cane sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and vanilla], Callebaut Dutch Cocoa (cocoa powder), and palm sugar.  Note: Tcho Dark Chocolate is packaged in a facility that also packages soy, milk and tree nut products.


Mexican ~ Spiced with cinnamon and Chile!  Dairy-free, spicy, and decadent…


Seasonal Flavor ~ A spiced hot chocolate with a theme! We rotate this flavor throughout the cold season, keeping each as a limited time release. The current seasonal flavor is listed in the purchase options.

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Mission Possible: Salt-slashing Superheroes!


Trying to follow a no salt or very low salt diet?  We get it!  Spices can be the key to your success. There are about ten spices that seem to really make a difference to the foods we eat every day. With you in mind, we’ve put together a set of these ten spices (no added salt) with a reduction in price.  Each gold-top jar holds roughly 1/2 cup of spice.

For information on ingredients or to purchase individually, hover over the names of the spices below and click on the link to that specific spice.


No-Salt Superhero	
Bada Bing Bouillon	
Bacon Seasoning	
Bayou Barbeque		
Guajillo Chili Powder	 
Herbes de Provence	
Smoked Paprika		
Sole Della Toscana	

We have many, many other spices with no added salt, which you can find on our SOS-Free Page or our No-Added Salt Page.


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Mulling Spices

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Add to simmering beverage on stove or in crock pot. Comforting, spicy, tart aroma & flavorful warm beverage.


Hand blended in small batches with: orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, star anise, and cardamom.

Recipe: mulled wine or cider


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Seasonal Beverages Gift Box


Seasonal Beverages


— Moroccan Golden Oat Milk —

Add 1.5 to 2 teaspoons of Local Spicery’s Moroccan

Breakfast Spice to one mug of oat milk.

Optional: Top with a fresh grating of nutmeg.


— Mulled Cider —

Ingredients:  1 gallon apple juice, 1 jar Mulling Spices

(Optional: ½ C bourbon or brandy)

Preparation:  Add apple juice and spices to heavy saucepan.

Simmer, stirring occasionally, until spiced at the desired strength.


— Mulled Wine —

Ingredients:  750ml bottle red wine, ¼ C brandy, ¼ C sugar,

½ jar Mulling Spices. (Optional: 1 Clementine, sliced)

Preparation:  Add all ingredients to heavy saucepan.  Simmer,

stirring occasionally.  Do NOT allow to boil.  Add sugar as needed.


Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains two unique spice blends (Moroccan Breakfast Spice and Mulling Spices) with the above recipes, tied with a Local Spicery ribbon.

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Tonic Water ~ DIY


Includes instructions, and everything necessary to make a tonic syrup which, when cut with club soda, creates a traditional Tonic Water, as used in Colonial India and found at craft bars throughout the country.

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