Gift of Salt Gift Box


A Gift of Salt…
Throughout history, a gift of salt has represented hospitality, friendship & more. Perhaps it’s because salt, only second to water, has been a signature element necessary for a civilization’s success. In testament to the importance of salt, it has been used as currency (bringing us the word salary), a preservative, a seasoning, in religious ceremonies to represent purification, the closure of a deal & the importance of hospitality to strangers. In cultures all over the world, a gift of salt has held a deep meaning and offered a welcoming to a new home or culture.

In the words of Frank Capra, please accept this gift of salt “so that life may always have flavor.”


This lovely striped Kraft gift box contains four standard size jars of sea salt and the above message.  Includes: Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Alaea Rea Hawaiian Sea Salt, Rosemary Sea Salt, and Seasoned Sea Salt.

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