Belizean Jerk

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A Belizean blend, merging the Caribbean favors from Allspice and Cinnamon with just the right amount of heat from Habanero Peppers. Jerk refers to the seasoning as well as the cooking style — rubbing the hot dry spices on protein and then grilling. A spicy Caribbean dry rub for chicken, pork, shrimp, salt fish, or tofu.

Hand blended in small batches with: sea salt, garlic, honey granules, allspice, pepper, chiles, cinnamon, clove, and marjoram.

4 reviews for Belizean Jerk

  1. Ralph M (SF)

    I bought this in 2016 and used it through to June of 2017, sparingly. But I need to buy MORE and use it MORE OFTEN !! It’s AMAZING! I’ve had Jerk at various restaurants all across North America and Jamaica (Not Belize I’ll admit), but this has definitely turned Ribs, Chicken and Beef into “Is there any more LEFT!” dishes every single time! GREAT JOB! ~ posted 4/15/2017

  2. Kimberly Wilson (verified owner)

    We love the flavor, not too hot! And the smell is wonderfully fresh It’s perfect for broiled fish or crock pot chicken tacos.

  3. Jamie Mott

    Amazing o the grill with chicken and a little lemon or lime

  4. Barbara Harrison


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