Black Truffle Sea Salt

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Prized by Roman chefs since the early fifth century, a taste of Truffle turns everyday meals into gourmet creations. Wealthy Romans would give a Truffle as a gift to honor the recipient as well as the giver. Sprinkle this finishing Salt on meats, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, seafood and popcorn to add a hint of earthy, mushroomy flavor. Mix with a swirl of olive oil to create a gourmet bread dipper.

Packaged in our standard size jar, approximately 3/8 cup.

3 reviews for Black Truffle Sea Salt

  1. Jana (verified owner)

    Love it. I started using it with french fries and now I am using it all the time, with EVERYTHING.

  2. Jamie Belz (verified owner)

    I now know why spices were currency in the 1700’s! Black Truffle Sea Salt is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. My family LOVES this!

  3. Janet DiSanto (verified owner)

    Love the Black Truffle Sea salt!

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