Brining Kit ~ DIY


Brining is a simple process for lean meats, like poultry, pork and shrimp, to make them juicier and more flavorful.

Brining involves two processes: (1) salt dissolves proteins in the meat, allowing the fibers to relax and soften, and (2) muscle fibers absorb liquid (mostly water), plumping and softening the meat. Make sure that your meat has not been brined before you buy it (e.g. “extra tender” pork and most turkey breast roasts are pre-brined with salt or sodium phosphate).

The spices in this brown bag kit are intended to make 2 gallons of brining solution, enough for a 12-14 pound turkey or two whole chickens. A very large turkey may need up to three gallons; additional brining spices can be purchased at Local Spicery.

What You Need: This kit includes a large pouch of sea salt, a pouch of brining spices, a brining bag large enough for a 24-lb turkey, and a zip-tie closure for the bag. You will need a large stock pot (at least 8-quart) and a way to chill your meat for up to 24 hours — a 5-gallon bucket to put in your refrigerator or a large ice chest with ice to pack around the meat.

The Brining Brown Bags come in two flavor profiles:
French Herbs: Saturates your meat with the flavors of Tarragon, Basil, Dill, and Orange Peel for an authentic French country flavor;
Chetumal: Delivers a spicy, Yucatecan flavor through Paprika, Chiles, and Mexican Oregano.



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