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Calabrian Chile Pepper

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Fiery hot, yet bright, sweet, and with a flavor reminiscent of San Marzano tomatoes, this bewitching chile hits you with an immediate blast of fire, disipating in seconds and beckoning for you to take another bite. Perfect on top of pizza or pastas, or use as a general source of heat in your kitchen. Packaged with a sprinkle of salt.

3 reviews for Calabrian Chile Pepper

  1. Dru

    This takes pizza to “eleven”. If you like the chili flakes sprinkled on your pizza, you’ll never be able to go back to the dry stuff found in the little paper packets after trying this. This is the stuff! ~ posted 10/25/2015

  2. Sonja L. Scharles (verified owner)

    Used the Calabrian Chile in pasta Aglia e Olio this evening and I’m never going back to ‘Chile flakes’ from TJ’s or the local organic market again. A lovely heat that doesn’t mask deeper flavors, this is vibrant!

  3. Rachael Barbieri

    A perfect balance of heat and flavor. No more stale red pepper flakes from the big box store for us!

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