Coriander-Sumac Sea Salt

(2 customer reviews)


Blends the citrus-floral flavor of Coriander with the bitter-lemony flavor of Sumac. Adds bright tones to your cooking. Pairs well with chicken, fish and vegetables. Use as a table blend or to season while cooking.


Hand blended in small batches with: coriander, sumac and sea salt.

2 reviews for Coriander-Sumac Sea Salt

  1. LGTaylor

    This blend is subtle, but it improves the taste of dishes in a big way. It’s now my secret ingredient on fantastic BLT sandwiches. ~ posted 6/9/2015

  2. Suzanne

    A subtle, yet surprising, addition to veggies, soups, etc. Who knew sumac could be so tasty and elevate broccoli from mundane to delicious with just a few shakes. Try it; you’ll like it! ~ posted 3/2/2016

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