Curry Gift Box



Curry, from the Tamil word Kari, meaning sauce, generally refers to a dish cooked in a blend of aromatic spices. Although originally from the Indian Subcontinent, Curries are culturally significant throughout Asia, Africa & the Caribbean.
To prepare a simple curry sauce:

Sauté chopped onions on medium heat until softened.

Add curry powder and chopped tomato, if desired; cook until soft.

Add liquid or combination of liquids, (coconut milk, stock, yogurt, tea infusions or water) and simmer to reduce. Pour over your preferred protein and/or veggies in a casserole dish.

Cover and place in a 375° oven until cooked, usually around 45 minutes.


Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains four unique curry spices (Bo Kaap, La Kama, Madras, Vadouvan) in our standard jars.  Gift is complete with a tailored message (above) and tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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