Dundalk ~ Cú Chulainn

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Minty and strong, this black tea blend is an excellent fortification for those who rise to the occasion and surpass expectations.  Named for the boy Sétanta, fearless warrior and hero of Ireland.

A twist on the classic breakfast tea, the longer Cú Chulainn steeps, the more complex it will grow.  As the black teas deepen and the tannins grow sharper, so too will the spice of chicory and the sweetness of mint.  No aromatic oils.  Just pure flavor, strengthening and bolstering for impending destiny.


Hand blended in small batches: three black teas, peppermint and chicory.

1 review for Dundalk ~ Cú Chulainn

  1. Joy Hoff (verified owner)

    This has a refreshing taste and has quickly has become my favorite.

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