Guajillo Chile Pepper


The king of Mexican Chiles, Guajillo is the dried version of the mirasol pepper.  Guajillos are large, and have a thick, leathery skin that brings with it more of the spicy, peppery  flavor of the original fruit than most dried chiles.  We stem and partially seed our Guajillos by hand before milling to accentuate the flavorw of the flesh without overpowering heat.

Because of its rich berry flavors, medium heat, and the volcanic terroir of North Central Mexico, Guajillo is used as a base for sauces, as well as ground or made into a paste to flavor meats, primarily chicken.  Guajillo is one of the “holy trinity” of chiles (Ancho, Pasilla, Guajillo) used for moles and other sauces.

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Guajillo Chili Powder

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Accenting the rich flavors of the Guajillo Chile, this modern version of a classic blend brings flavors of Central America and the Southwest to a blend more complex and flavorful than those based on paprika. No artificial flavorings, and no added salt. Replaces traditional Chili Powder. Medium heat, hint of smokiness from Chipotle, accents any dish. No added salt or sugar.


Hand blended in small batches with: chiles, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, smoked paprika, pepper, and oregano.


Quick Tips:

  • Add Guajillo Chili Powder to tomato soup and home fries.


Suggested Recipes:

Guajillo Garden Chili

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Taco de Mineros

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For grilling meats or vegies, mix with lime juice and olive oil to make a fajitas marinade, add to taco and burrito meat, liven up soups, or sprinkle a little on foil-cooked fish for a hint of spicy heat. Taco Seasoning or dry rub!


Hand blended in small batches: paprika, sea salt, garlic, Chiles, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, smoked paprika, pepper, oregano, onion, and allspice.

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