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Keemun Congo Black Tea


Keemun teas are harvested in Qimen County, China.  Only the highest quality teas of the region are reserved for the Gongfu Tea Ceremony, and subsequently known in the west as “Keemun Congo” (Qimen Gongfu).

For our Keemun Congo, the flowering tips are harvested in spring and summer, withered in the sun, and lightly toasted. All teas reserved for the Gongfu Tea Ceremony are selected for taste and their ability to “satisfy the soul,” and Keemun Congo in particular is revered for its malty, slightly smoky flavor.

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La Mancha ~ Dulcinea


Cacao, roses, and a hint of cinnamon makes this black tea blend rich and romantic.  Dulcinea brings out all that is impossible and fanciful in life, existing to tint all glasses rose. Hopeless optimism and sense of adventure not included.

Keemun Congo strengthens while Cassia sweetens, creating a sensual tea for those who dream the impossible dream.  Don Quixote’s Dulcinea is all that is beautiful & pure in life.  While tilting at windmills could cast you down, it may also cast you up…among the stars!  No aromatic oils.  Just pure flavor, and lots of heart.  Contains black tea, cacao, roses, and cassia.

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