Mint Tisane

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Mint tisane has long been a traditional cure-all, in addition to its rich history as a drink of hospitality in the Mediterranean.  Peppermint especially is considered both soothing and energizing, making it a wonderfully simple refreshment.

In Greek mythology, the nymph Minthe was turned into the sweet bush for Persephone. Valued as the herb of hospitality and for medicinal purposes, Romans spread mint throughout Europe. The colonialists used Mint as an untaxed tea. No caffeine ~ No added flavors. Just pure Mint to refresh you.

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2 reviews for Mint Tisane

  1. patricia cunningham

    vitally refreshing after dinner!

  2. Britta Morrow

    I love this tea. Would you be willing to sell it in a larger bag like you do the lavender?

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Dundalk ~ Cú Chulainn

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Minty and strong, this black tea blend is an excellent fortification for those who rise to the occasion and surpass expectations.  Named for the boy Sétanta, fearless warrior and hero of Ireland.

A twist on the classic breakfast tea, the longer Cú Chulainn steeps, the more complex it will grow.  As the black teas deepen and the tannins grow sharper, so too will the spice of chicory and the sweetness of mint.  No aromatic oils.  Just pure flavor, strengthening and bolstering for impending destiny.


Hand blended in small batches: three black teas, peppermint and chicory.

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Woolton ~ Ernest Worthington


Mellow, minty and bright.  Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s whimsical depictions of the English countryside, it’s the perfect tisane for a post-meal treat.


Named for Ernest Worthington’s estate, Woolton is zesty enough for the adventure of early afternoon and light enough for the waning of late evening. Contains only dry herbs and spices, milled in small batches. No caffeine ~ No aromatic oils.  Just earnest flavor to offer a reprieve.


Hand blended in small batches: chamomile, mint, and lemon verbena.

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