Salt-slashing Superheroes!


Trying to follow a no salt or very low salt diet?  We get it!  Spices can be the key to your success. There are about ten spices that seem to really make a difference to the foods we eat every day. With you in mind, we’ve put together a set of these ten spices (no added salt), and a few smaller combination sets as well, so we could offer a reduction in price.  Each gold-top jar holds roughly 1/2 cup of spice.




Team up and save with our Salt-slashing Superhero sets:


*Local Spicery’s Dynamic Duo:
Bada Bing Bouillon



Fantastic Four:
Bada Bing Bouillon
Bacon Seasoning
Pepperoni Seasoning



International Intrigue:
Guajillo Chile Powder (Central America)
Herbes de Provence (France)
Smoked Paprika (Spain)
Sole Della Toscana (Italy)




The Triumphant Ten:
All ten no-salt heroes


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For information on ingredients or to purchase individually, hover over the names of the spices below and click on the link to that specific spice.

No-Salt Superhero	Metamorphosizing Superpower 
Bada Bing Bouillon*	Turns water into veggie broth.
Sel-acious*		Makes everything taste salted.
Bacon Seasoning		Fakes the bacon.
Bayou Barbeque		Turns on Southern charm.
Guajillo Chili Powder	Kicks south of the border. 
Herbes de Provence	Brings in the French Secret Army.
Pepperoni		Perfects pizza pizzaz.
Smoked Paprika		Smokes Spanish without fire.
Sole Della Toscana	Inserts instant Italian.
Sumac			Causes sour tastebuds to think salt.

We have many, many other spices with no added salt, which you can find on our SOS-Free Page or our No-Added Salt Page.



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