Morita Chipotle Chile Pepper

Capsicum annuum
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The Chipotle Chile is the dried form of a mature red Jalapeño Pepper.  The Morita variety, by far the most common sold in the U.S., is smaller than the “True” Chipotle, and retains its dark, raisin-like appearance.

Add to Southwest and Central American dishes where the combination of smoky and hot flavors are desired.

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1 review for Morita Chipotle Chile Pepper

  1. Susan Marciano

    Best spices ever!

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Fiery salt blend of Morita Chipotle and unrefined Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. Morita (meaning “little raisin”) is the sweeter of the Chipotle peppers. Use as a table blend or to season while cooking. Rub on beef, pork or chicken before grilling. Sprinkle on any dish for smoky/salty heat.

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