Morita Chipotle Chile Pepper

Capsicum annuum
(3 customer reviews)


The Chipotle Chile is the dried form of a mature red Jalapeño Pepper.  The Morita variety, by far the most common sold in the U.S., is smaller than the “True” Chipotle, and retains its dark, raisin-like appearance.

Add to Southwest and Central American dishes where the combination of smoky and hot flavors are desired.

3 reviews for Morita Chipotle Chile Pepper

  1. Susan Marciano

    Best spices ever!

  2. Norma (verified owner)

    My favorite chile ever! Great heat, with and aromatic smokey flavor. We can not live with out this spice and it is our go to everytime.

  3. Bethany Russell

    This Chipotle Pepper smells like the best BBQ sauce and is the only chipotle powder that I like and I’ve tried several brands. It is so worth it to buy from Local Spicery. I need a monthly delivery of this Chipotle Pepper!

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Fiery salt blend of Morita Chipotle and unrefined Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. Morita (meaning “little raisin”) is the sweeter of the Chipotle peppers. Use as a table blend or to season while cooking. Rub on beef, pork or chicken before grilling. Sprinkle on any dish for smoky/salty heat.

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