Pinchos (aka Street Kabobs)


(aka Street Kabobs!)
Moorish-based quick snack; small bits of highly-spiced meats cooked on skewers. Pat protein with olive oil & rub with spice or marinate with combination of acid, oil & spice. Grill over a very hot flame.

— Adobo “Pinchos de Maruna”—
Pork or lamb marinated with Adobo Seasoning
creates this classic tapas dish.

— Ras el Hanout “Pinchitos”—
Usually Pork, Lamb, chicken or fish paired with Ras El Hanout, Morocco’s showy curry, said to be the head of the shop.

— Tandoori “Kabobs” —
Named after the clay ovens or tandoors used in Northern India and Pakistan. Add to yogurt and marinate veggies, chicken or fish.

— XiMiTXURRi “Pintxo” —
Pork or lamb marinated with XiMiTXURRi, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt makes this Basque favorite, usually served on bread.


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