Porcini Rub

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This blend brings us back to a simpler time through its deep layers of savory Porcini Mushroom flavor and subtle tones of Rosemary & Black Pepper. Salt-free rub for roasts, steaks and chops; use to flavor soups and stews. Pat meat first with olive oil, and salt if desired. Blend with ground beef for hamburgers or meatloaf. Hand blended in small batches with: milled porcini mushroom, rosemary, pepper, marjoram, garlic, and lemon peel.


2 reviews for Porcini Rub

  1. Beth Romig

    This is a wonderful rub on everything — we like it best on chicken breasts! ~ posted 6/20/2016

  2. Ellen calarese (verified owner)

    it is absolutely lovely. Fragrant and elegant. Perfect for gravies and a sprinkle in vegan cuisine.

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