Salt-Free Flavor!

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Salt-Free Flavor!


Bayou Barbeque
Traditional barbeque seasoning with no added salt. Freshly milled mild-to-moderate Chiles blended with strong-flavored spices compensate for the lack of salt. This blend will quickly become one of your favorites.


All the flavor, none of the meat! Developed with chefs at a San Francisco Bay Area restaurant for use in vegetarian “Pepperoni” dishes. Add Pepperoni flavoring at your every whim. Perfect for vegan pizzas!


Sole della Toscana
Versatile garlic-tomato Tuscan blend great on anything to add a bit of pizzazz – pasta, veggies, salads, soup, tofu, and in sauces… Garlic, tomato, herbs, and a touch of heat from Chiles give this blend a northern Italian flavor.


Kraft gift box contains these three spices in our gold-top jars with a Local Spicery ribbon.

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