Tea Sampler – The Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club


— Assam —

Assam Tea is grown in lower elevations than most teas in the famed Assam Region in Northeastern India. Only the flowery leaf from the very tip of the branch is harvested to deliver the highest graded quality possible.


— Baker Street (John Watson)—

Brisk, strong, and robust. Three black teas of highest quality, in one mug?  It’s elementary, really–start the day with Baker Street, and you’ll have the energy to keep up. Traditional English Breakfast blend.


— Brobdingnag (Lemuel Gulliver) —

Strong, peaty, and robust. Our Irish Breakfast blend is a full-bodied “builder’s tea.”  With the smoky flavor playing under the tannins of the highest quality black teas, it’s a bold enough flavor even for the giants of Brobdingnag.


— Darjeeling —

Grown on the Southern Slopes of the Himalayan Mountains, true Darjeeling is from one of 78 Tea Gardens recognized by the Tea Board of India.





Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains these four teas in short tea tins (~3/8 cup each) and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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