Tea Sampler – Go Green!


Go Green!

— Gun Powder Green Tea —

Named for its resemblance to gunpowder, it is withered, steamed & rolled before being dried, making it easier to transport for sailors and colonists.


— Maghreb (Scheherazade)—

Crisp, strong, and fortifying. The mint complements the strong character of Gunpowder Green Tea, creating a blend you can come back to over one thousand and one nights. Hospitality drink of Maghreb region of North Africa.


— Sagarmatha (Tenzing Norgay) —

Warm, grassy, and bright. Young Hyson’s spring flavor blends easily with the citrus overtones, creating a light blend for the ages. Named for Sherpa Tenzing, for the heights he achieved & the way he lifted the world’s spirits.


— Young Hyson Green Tea —

“Flourishing Spring” in Chinese. Picked from high altitudes in Eastern China before the rainy season to sustain the sunniest flavors of spring. Comprised of young leaves, wok-fired before being hand-rolled and twisted.



Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains these four teas in short tea tins (~3/8 cup each) and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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