Tea Sampler – Healthy Habits


Healthy Habits


— Maghreb (Scheherazade)—

Crisp, strong, and fortifying. The mint complements the strong character of Gunpowder Green Tea, creating a blend you can come back to over one thousand and one nights. Hospitality drink of Maghreb region of North Africa.


— Marrakesh Express (Victor Laszlo)—

Bittersweet and bright with a spicy finish, this tisane leaves you tasting the spice market as you travel south from Casablanca. Here’s looking at you, kid.


— Sagarmatha (Tenzing Norgay)—

Warm, grassy, and bright. Young Hyson’s spring flavor blends easily with the citrus overtones, creating a light blend for the ages. Named for Sherpa Tenzing, for the heights he achieved & how he lifted the world’s spirits.


— The Scarlet Letter (Hester Prynne)—

Berry-like, tart, and citrusy.  Perfect for sipping at sunrise or sunset, with plenty of character. The deep red color of this tisane matches its namesake, much as its strong, fruity–but not too sweet–flavor matches Hester herself.




Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains these four teas in short tea tins (~3/8 cup each) and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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