Tea Sampler – Leading Ladies of Literature


Leading Ladies of Literature


— Avonlea (Anne Shirley) —

Tannic, sunny, and citrusy.  Anne of Green Gables inspired this tea with her boundless energy and wholehearted optimism.  Wonderful morning blend, pairing the delicate flavor of Darjeeling Black Tea with orange and roses.


— Dörfli (Heidi)—

Mellow, fresh, and floral. A hint of ginger warms the palate, like an idyllic mountain day in a fragrant field of wildflowers. Beautifully bright as a hot afternoon beverage, sweetly crisp as an iced tea in the summer.


— Pemberley (Elizabeth Bennett) —

Fresh, floral and energizing. The perfect tisane for any time of day, it evokes springtime. Serve hot or iced. Both beautiful and fresh, this tisane was inspired by Elizabeth’s quick wit, tart replies, and love of long walks in nature.


— The Scarlett Letter (Hester Prynne) —

Berry-like, tart, and citrusy. The deep red color matches its namesake, much as its strong–but not too sweet–flavor matches Hester herself.




Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains these four teas in short tea tins (~3/8 cup each) and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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