A Trio of Cinnamons Gift Box


A Trio of Cinnamons!


Anne Davis Cinnamon Rose
Sweet, feminine and all business, like Marysville’s notorious Madame, this blend of Cassia Cinnamon & Rose Petals will surprise and delight with its aromatics and flavor.  Use in any dessert that relies on the flavor of Cinnamon.


Ceylon Cinnamon
Ceylon – the true Cinnamon, scientifically speaking – has a mellow, citrusy flavor and a woodsy, floral aroma. more subtle with less bite than Cassia. Hailed for health benefits and considered more precious than gold in ancient Egypt.


Saigon Cinnamon
Our single-source organically grown Saigon Cassia comes direct from the mountains of the Yen Bai region of Vietnam.  This Cinnamon really packs a punch, with a sweet, peppery aroma and an intense flavor profile.


Kraft gift box contains these three spices in our gold-top jars with a Local Spicery ribbon.


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