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Wonderland ~ White Rabbit

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Mellow and mildly sweet, pairs well with citrus.  So calming, you’ll forget you’re late for that very important date.  Join the Mad Hatter and his zany crew in an otherworldly experience: take a lemon wedge, drop the acid, and watch the colors change.


Steeping blue and a bit spicy, Wonderland is an enigmatic bundle of charming nonsense.  When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead, take a sip of this tea to feed your head.  No caffeine ~ No aromatic oils.  Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know.


Hand blended in small batches: butterfly pea flowers, cardamom seed, lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, cacao nibs and spearmint.

5 reviews for Wonderland ~ White Rabbit

  1. dracofthesharpsmiles

    My brother gave me some of this tea as a Christmas present because I’m such a fan of Alice in Wonderland, but the tea goes beyond just being a homage to the classic story. Its color is beautiful to look at in the cup, it smells astounding, and its spicy flavor with a hint of floral needs no help from sugar. I’ve definitely found a new favorite and only pray it will continue to be offered here!

  2. carolynn minichino

    On our visit to Tiburon, on this drizzly day i found myself wondering around this sleepy town and stumbled upon ‘Local SPICERY’. I love to cook, so naturally i was drawn in by the thought i would pick up some yummy spices. And i did 😉 I am not a tea drinker at all. But with time to spare i began to experience the aromas of the fine teas. Mind blown !!!!! the aroma itself made me purchase this tea. I am reordering as soon as i finish this review. Sexy, semi sweat, intoxicating aroma…. i think i need a gallon so i can make a hot bath with Wonderland….. LOL

  3. Nicole Rubio

    After visiting the historic downtown Marysville location and talking to the owner I chose Wonderland tea. I was excited to try the blue-ish tea and make it change colors. As he suggested, a little lemon changes the color! I experimented at our network meeting that next day. The beautiful blue color changed a purple pink color. If I had been patient it would have been more pink, I’m sure. The taste is amazing. I’ve been making ice tea from it ever since and now need to order more. Tea and a show! Lol. It’s a must get!

  4. Tiffany Leiter

    Let’s just start with the color…it’s so intriguing and off the wall. Right up my alley! The taste, gentle, warm and comforting. This tea is perfect in two ways, it tastes great and it looks super cool!

  5. Katie Herczeg (verified owner)

    Hands down the best tea blend I have ever had! The perfect combo of flavors and aromas, and the color is the cherry on top! This tea doesn’t even need sweetener or lemon or any additions, it’s perfect as is, but the color-changing with citrus is just too darn fun 🙂 Please don’t ever stop making this!

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