FAQs ~ Shipping, Sizing & Packaging ...

How much is shipping?

We ship anywhere in the Continental United States for a flat rate of $10.99. Anywhere, any quantity. We will determine the most economical way to ship based on the product ordered. We do not make money on shipping; in fact, as a whole it is an expense. Product pricing on the website is the same as at both of our stores; we do not pad our prices to cover shipping. We recognize that it may seem excessive when ordering a jar or two, so keep a list and stock up when placing an order!

How long will it take to get my order?

Most shipments leave our facility within 4-5 days; however, delivery may take up to 8-10 business days.  We currently send our orders USPS priority ~ delivery is usually fast; the packages are insured and can be tracked.

How do I avoid delivery charges?

Pick up at one of our Stores We like it when you drop in to say “Hi”! And, you will get a chance to sample some of our more than 200 different spices, herbs, and blends, as an added bonus. When checking out, use the coupon code “marysville pickup” to pick up at our Mill & store in Marysville or the coupon code “tiburon pickup” to pick up at our store on Historic Ark Row in Tiburon. We’ll send you an email when your order is ready for pick up ~ it can take us up to two weeks to get it to our store in Tiburon, so please keep that in mind when ordering!

Pick up at the Farmers Market in Chico — We bring website orders to the Chico Farmers Market on Saturdays. When checking out, use the coupon code “chico pickup” and we’ll send you a confirmation once the order has been processed.

Spend a bundle – Any purchase totaling more than $75 qualifies for free shipping to one location anywhere in the Continental United States.


Where are your stores and when are they open?


Local Spicery Tiburon Store: Historic Ark Row, 80 Main Street, Tiburon, CA 94920
Phone:  (415) 435-1100
Hours:  Daily 11AM – 6PM

Local Spicery Marysville Store & Mill: Historic Old Town, 228 First Street, Marysville, CA 95901
Phone:  (530) 753-5353
Hours:  Thursday through Saturday 11AM to 5PM or call or e-mail to make arrangements. If we’re working in back, we’re happy to open the doors for you any time (except when we’re milling Chiles). There is a doorbell in front.


How are your products packaged?  

Our products are packaged either in Italian glass jars with metal tops or in resealable plastic bags. Our glass jars are wider and heavier than most spice jars. The lids have a non-BPA plastisol seal, which keeps oxygen out and keeps the product fresh. You’ll understand what we mean when you open the jars in your first delivery!  There are no fitments in our jars, as plastic fitments interfere with the freshness seal and encourage folks to shake spices into steaming pots, which is not advised. We took a long time to find just the right jar and receive compliments on them daily!

Our resealable plastic bags are perfect for those of you who have your own spice jars or wish to reuse ours.  They are a thick plastic with a zip seal, but keep in mind that plastic is not the best way to store spices for freshness.  When ordering this way, it’s best to use or transfer your spices before too long.


How much product is in a standard/large/bulk package?

We offer three sizes through our website: standard, large and bulk. In general, our standard-size jars and bags contain approximately 3/8 cup of spice, our large-size jars and bags contain approximately 5/8 cup of spice, and our bulk-size bags contain approximately 1 1/2 cup of spice.

We are often asked how many ounces are in each jar, but as we measure by net weight, not liquid ounces, the weights vary dependent on what is in the jar, i.e. milled mushroom powder is much lighter than salt! That’s why we answer this question using volume. (The net weight in ounces and grams will be on the label, but we do not post on the website because we package in small lots and weights often change from lot to lot. Feel free to call us if you want to know the current weight of a specific product.)


What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to call us at one of our locations, come in to talk with us or send us an email.  Customer service emails go to Nick, Evelyn & Rachel.  We try to answer them quickly, but depending on the question, it may take a day or two for one of us to get back to you.

Contact Information:
Local Spicery Telephone:  Tiburon Store (415) 435-1100; Marysville Store & Mill (530) 763-5353
Local Spicery e-mail:  customerservice@localspicery.com


Satisfaction Guarantee: Local Spicery offers a full-satisfaction guarantee based on our commitment to offering the highest quality and freshest products available. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us so that we may rectify the issue.