Cathy Fisher, Author of Straight Up Food

Familiar, easy-to-make recipes with everyday ingredients!


Learn to cook without oil, use dried herbs & spices,
plan meals, understand food labels, & much more!
~ Cathy Fisher

How we met Cathy Fisher

We first met Cathy Fisher when she was speaking at a WFPB conference we attended a few years ago. We were immediately drawn to her “straight-up” approach to cooking using familiar foods. She develops recipes that are satisfying, easy to make, and full of flavor, amplified by her love of herbs and spices.  Her cookbook, aptly named Straight Up Food, is a family favorite.

Cathy has been plant-based since 1999 and a culinary instructor at the McDougall Program and TrueNorth Health Center (both in Santa Rosa, California) for over 10 years. You can follow Cathy and Straight Up Food by clicking on the links below:

Local Spicery's Story

At Local Spicery, we personally mill, blend, package, and sell our products when they are at their peak of freshness. We can offer maximum flavor and aroma because we mill only what we need in small batches.  Our products are all natural – no additives, artificial coloring or radiation.

We know how important our food is to people living a healthy lifestyle.  This is why we offer so many salt-free options, as well as a hard commitment to no irradiation or Ethylene Oxide, no GMOs, no added gluten, no MSG, no fillers of any kind.  Just pure, natural food, locally processed and packaged by hand.  And heart.

More Details

Local Spicery is owned and operated by Nicholas and Evelyn, a husband and wife team who met more than 30 years ago while working in engineering and construction. In 2012, the two embarked on an exciting, new and altogether different adventure for the empty-nest phase of their lives … we commissioned a custom-built, state-of-the-art spice mill and started a spice company!

We currently use four different milling technologies (hammer mill, blade mill, plate mill, and burr mill) which allows us to mill practically anything, and gives us superb control and flexibility in particle size, so we can be creative when developing our artisanal salad dressings, rubs and herb blends, and not simply pulverize ingredients to a powder.

In a few short years, we went from selling our products at farmers markets, to working with creative chefs and high-end restaurants, to opening our first retail store on Ark Row in Tiburon, California.  In 2018, we bought a neglected gold rush era brick building in historic Marysville that had sat unused for 40 years.  We have completely reconstructed it into our own state-of-the-art mill and processing plant.  Here we do our processing, as well as internet order fulfillment. We occasionally host cooking classes and lectures upstairs in our demonstration kitchen.