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Bada Bing Bouillon Oooh-Mommy Umami

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As featured in Forks over Knives Fall 2021 issue.

Umami Bouillon (broth powder) with no added salt! Add 1 Tablespoon to 1 Cup boiling water for a quick, nourishing umami flavored broth. Hand blended in small batches with veggies, herbs and spices: carrot, onion, tomato, bell pepper, Chiles, porcini, mustard, parsley, cumin, and thyme.


Video demonstration: CLICK HERE


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California Chile Pepper ~ Sweet Anaheim

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Very sweet, with no heat, this Chile is the dried version of fully-ripened Anaheim Chile. Substitute for Paprika or Ancho Chile. Provides additional depth in Chili powders while modulating heat.

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Porcini Mushroom

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King of mushrooms, popular throughout Europe, particularly in France & Italy; use in soups, pastas & risotto. Known for its rich, meat-like flavor, which is intensified when used dried. Pure rich Porcini Mushroom, no fillers, nothing added.

(Note: Under granularity, “whole” refers to whole pieces as opposed to ground.)

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