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We are asked all the time, “How can spices be fresh?”  The essential oils that safe keep the flavor of spices begins reacting with oxygen immediately after milling, over time losing their flavor and aroma.  Many spices sold commercially in the united states are milled overseas, then shipped to warehouses where they are held before ever getting to the shelf.  We ensure freshness by only buying the highest quality spices from vendors we prequalify, storing the whole spices in our state-of-the-art climate controlled facility for only short durations (in some cases in reduced-oxygen environments), and freshly milling our spices in small quantities to ensure that they come to you with the strongest flavor and aroma possible.


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A Trio of Cinnamons Gift Box


A Trio of Cinnamons!


Anne Davis Cinnamon Rose
Sweet, feminine and all business, like Marysville’s notorious Madame, this blend of Cassia Cinnamon & Rose Petals will surprise and delight with its aromatics and flavor.  Use in any dessert that relies on the flavor of Cinnamon.


Ceylon Cinnamon
Ceylon – the true Cinnamon, scientifically speaking – has a mellow, citrusy flavor and a woodsy, floral aroma. more subtle with less bite than Cassia. Hailed for health benefits and considered more precious than gold in ancient Egypt.


Saigon Cinnamon
Our single-source organically grown Saigon Cassia comes direct from the mountains of the Yen Bai region of Vietnam.  This Cinnamon really packs a punch, with a sweet, peppery aroma and an intense flavor profile.


Kraft gift box contains these three spices in our gold-top jars with a Local Spicery ribbon.

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Aji Amarillo Chile Pepper


Popular in Peruvian & Bolivian cooking. Add to rice before cooking. Mix with minced red onion & vinegar as condiment. Add to root veggies, salsa, stews, seafood dishes & sauces. Rehydrate whole dried peppers in boiling water (~ 20 min) to make paste.

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Aleppo-Style Chile

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Commonly used in Middle Eastern Mezze (small plates served before the main meal) & Mediterranean cuisine.  Can be used as a substitute for crushed red pepper (though milder) or Paprika.  Similar to the Ancho Chile.

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All the Basics Starter Set ~ 16 Jar Set


All The Basics Starter Set

Boost flavor in your everyday cooking.
This 16-jar starter set has all the basics you need to start a new spice pantry!

Garden Gems
Guajillo Chili Powder
Herbes de Provence
Italian Seasoning
Madras Curry
Saigon Cinnamon
Seasoned Sea Salt
Taco de Mineros


All the spices are packaged in our glass jars with gold metal lids (~1/2 cup).

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Native to Jamaica, this “new” spice made an appearance in European and Mediterranean dishes in the 16th century. It smells like a combination of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves and Pepper, so the English coined it “Allspice.”  Our allspice is stored in a climate-controlled, oxygen-depleted environment before milling to maximize the retention of essential oils. This locks in the strongest flavor and aroma possible.

Add to cooked fruits and relishes, poached fish, and braised meats. Uses include Caribbean Jerk seasonings, Palestinian dishes, Middle Eastern stews, German sausages, English cakes, and American pies.

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Ancho Chile Pepper


The Ancho Chile is the dried version of the Poblano Pepper and the most popular dried chile in Mexican cooking. The sweetest of dried peppers, with deep, rich berry flavors, mild bitterness, and mild to medium hotness, Ancho is frequently used as the base flavor of sauce and spice mixes like dry rubs or mole. We stem and partially seed our Anchos by hand before milling to provide the strongest Chile flavors without being overpowered by excessive heat. Try replacing paprika with Ancho Chile Powder in any recipe to bring a fuller, earthier Chile flavor and beckoning for you to take another bite.

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Anise Seed


Repairs to the London Bridge were said to be partially paid for by taxes and tolls placed on Anise Seed by King Edward in 1305.  In folklore, Anise is believed to stave off nightmares when placed near the bed.

Use in cookies, pastries and bread. Try adding to savory dishes for a layer of warm licorice flavoring.


Suggested Recipes:

Lemon Anise Biscotti

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Anne Davis Cinnamon-Rose

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Sweet, feminine and all business, like Marysville’s notorious Madame, this blend of Cinnamon & Rose Petals will surprise and delight with its aromatics and flavor.  Use in any dessert that relies on a strong flavor of Cinnamon.  Use in same proportions as with any other Cinnamon.


Recommended Recipes:

Cinnamon Rose Latte

Cinnamon-Rose Snickerdoodles

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Apple Pie Spice

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The ultimate expression of an American classic, our Apple Pie Spice features a blend of two different species of Cinnamon, freshly-milled Chinese Ginger, and prized Vanilla Beans. This blend delivers the tangy sweetness and aromatics of a kitchen from a distant past brought forward in memories with the first smell.

A contemporary blend for apple pie, this spice blend is also a smart flavoring added to smoothies or waffle batter, sprinkled on French toast, mixed with barbeque sauces, or added to recipes with cinnamon or nutmeg.


Suggested Recipes:

Oatmeal Apple Cookies

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Asafoetida/Fenugreek Blend


This powdered gum resin is used in Indian cooking.  It has a foul smell, but when cooked it takes on an onion/garlic/leek flavor.  Known as food of the Gods, it is also said to aid with digestion.

Asafoetida (Hing) is often used as an onion/garlic substitute in Indian dishes. Use sparingly–a little goes a long way.  This blend uses Fenugreek as a processing agent rather than the more commonly found wheat.

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The Annatto tree is often referred to as the Lipstick Tree as it is used to color many cosmetics including lipstick. Native to the rain forests of the Yucatan and Belize, the spice is known throughout Central America by its Nahuatl name, Axiote. Blended with other spices and herbs, and ground into a paste, axiote is a mainstay of Yucatecan cuisine, and is used to season primarily chicken, but is also used on fish, lobster, and pork (achiote paste is marketed throughout Central America as “recado rojo”). In India, Hindu women use it to make the mark on their foreheads.

With a distinctive mildly bitter, earthy flavor, the annatto seed is most commonly used in Western culture as a food coloring for cheese, margarine, butter, rice, and smoked fish. We use it as a primary ingredient for our Belizean-inspired Axiote rub for chicken and fish.

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Axiote Blend

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Highlighting the flavor of the Annatto Seed with Guajillo and Chipotle Chiles, this authentic blend brings the flavors of the Maya rain forests to your table.

Rub with lime on fish, chicken, beef or sweet potatoes. Marinate with paste: 2-3T Axiote & 2T cider vinegar (or sour orange, Meyer lemon juice, lime juice, or California Balsamic Sweet Heat vinegar), and an optional splash of olive oil.


Hand blended in small batches: tomato, axiote seed, garlic, pepper, Chiles, sea salt, coriander, cumin, allspice, and oregano.

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