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A staple of Spanish, Mexican and Caribbean cooking, Sazón delivers the tangy, earthy flavor of Axiote with Coriander, garlic and salt, as well as a lovely red coloring. We developed our recipe with a friend from Puerto Rico who made sure we were consistent with the flavors she grew up with. Use as a rub on meats, poultry, sea food, and vegetables, or add to soups and sautées for color and a comforting flavor. Add Sazón to rice for an authentic Spanish rice.


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  1. BvH

    I lived and traveled in Mexico and Central America for almost 30 years. The first time I used sazon in a dish I was absolutely floored by the authenticity of the seasoning. It adds the wonderful flavor with a touch of heat that is so common in soups, rice and other dishes typical to the region. ~ 6/24/2016

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