Paprika, Smoked

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Sweet, rich and smoky, our Smoked Paprika is made in the style of Spanish Pimenton, with a bright, tangy flavor, followed by complex smoky tones. Use in paella, soups, and stews for a deep woodsy flavor.

3 reviews for Paprika, Smoked

  1. Tracey Frugoli

    So this is the best smoked paprika I have ever had. It is so much fresher and cleaner tasting than the grocery story version. Used it is refried beans and with vegetables and it is great. Also is great for a sprinkle at the end for presentation. I don’t think I’ll be using the grocery store version anymore!

  2. Melvina Johnson (verified owner)


  3. Melvina Johnson (verified owner)

    Tried this and absolutely loved it placing an order for two bulk size..
    I highly recommend

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Developed for a local chef who wanted a modern dry seasoning with traditional southern BBQ flavors. Use as dry rub for red meats & chicken or as seasoning in traditional BBQ sauces. Try with thinly-sliced roasted potatoes, in hash browns, casseroles or egg dishes.


Hand blended in small batches with paprika, brown sugar, pepper, sea salt, garlic, mustard, cumin, smoked paprika, Chiles, and celery seed.

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Hand blended in small batches with: paprika, garlic, onion, chiles, pepper, thyme,
and oregano.

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Montreal Steak Sandwich

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Hand blended in small batches: paprika, sea salt, garlic, Chiles, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, smoked paprika, pepper, oregano, onion, and allspice.

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