Calling all bakers…  Enhance your baked goods with freshly ground spices from Local Spicery!

We feature four kinds of cinnamon, from our mild, woodsy Ceylon Cinnamon to our knock-your-socks-off Saigon Cinnamon, a beautifully fragrant milled Orange Peel, an intensely strong milled Cardamom, and so many more!
If you’re looking for something a little different to spice up your baking, try one of our signature blends, like our subtle Orange-Pepper-Cardamom blend, Dusk, or our classic Chai seasoning.
You won’t be disappointed ~ guaranteed!

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Native to Jamaica, this “new” spice made an appearance in European and Mediterranean dishes in the 16th century. It smells like a combination of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves and Pepper, so the English coined it “Allspice.”  Our allspice is stored in a climate-controlled, oxygen-depleted environment before milling to maximize the retention of essential oils. This locks in the strongest flavor and aroma possible.

Add to cooked fruits and relishes, poached fish, and braised meats. Uses include Caribbean Jerk seasonings, Palestinian dishes, Middle Eastern stews, German sausages, English cakes, and American pies.

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Anise Seed


Repairs to the London Bridge were said to be partially paid for by taxes and tolls placed on Anise Seed by King Edward in 1305.  In folklore, Anise is believed to stave off nightmares when placed near the bed.

Use in cookies, pastries and bread. Try adding to savory dishes for a layer of warm licorice flavoring.


Suggested Recipes:

Lemon Anise Biscotti

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Anne Davis Cinnamon-Rose


Sweet, feminine and all business, like Marysville’s notorious Madame, this blend of Cinnamon & Rose Petals will surprise and delight with its aromatics and flavor. Use in any dessert that relies on a strong flavor of Cinnamon. Use in same proportions as with any other Cinnamon.

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Bake a Cake Gift Box


Bake a Cake!
(or… Happy Birthday to You!)

Recipes and signature spices for our favorite special occasion cakes:
Cardamom Orange Cake, Gingerbread Layer Cake, Gingerbread Loaf, Black Forest Layer Cake and Sharlotka (Apple Upside-down Cake).

Lovely striped Kraft gift box containing four unique spices (Cardamom, Gingerbread Spice, Dusk, Ceylon Cinnamon) in our standard jars with delicious cake recipes and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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Cardamom Seed


Part of the ginger family, Cardamom means grains of paradise.  Historically, Cardamom has been used to flavor foods, as an ingredient in perfumes, and even for medicinal purposes.

Known for its sweet and spicy taste, Cardamom seed is used equally in sweet dishes such as breads and cakes and in savory dishes such as meats and curries. Use in baked goods, sprinkle on oatmeal, ice cream, or iced melon, and add to curry. Cardamom has a sharp aroma and distinctive flavor that can be compared to anise or eucalyptus.  For a Middle Eastern treat, sprinkle in your coffee.


Suggested Recipes:

Cardamom Oatmeal Cookies

Cardamom Cookies

Berbere Doro Wat


Featured In:

Say it with Cookies! Gift Box

Decadent Desserts Gift Box

Bake a Cake Gift Box

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Cinnamon ~ Baker’s Blend


Our blend of Cassia Cinnamons, the Baker’s Blend is both stronger and sweeter than traditional cinnamon, but not as overpowering as pure Saigon Cassia.  Use in same proportions as with any other Cinnamon.

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Cinnamon ~ Ceylon


Ceylon – the true Cinnamon, scientifically speaking – has a mellow, citrusy flavor & a woodsy, floral aroma; more subtle with less of a bite than Cassia. Hailed for health benefits & considered more precious than gold in ancient Egypt.

Perfect for dishes with few competing flavors, such as custards, puddings, baked fruits and whipped cream, or simply sprinkled on oatmeal, yogurt or toast.  Use also in sauces and curries, and add to lamb and vegetable dishes.

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Cinnamon ~ Indonesian Cassia


The Greek poet, Sappho, referenced Cassia in 7th century B.C. Though not the “true” Cinnamon, Cassia (also called Chinese Cinnamon) is often sold as Cinnamon in the U.S., where it’s preferred for its strong, spicy and lingering flavor.

Use in both sweet and strong savory dishes: candies, baked goods, meats, preserves, curries, and hot beverages. Cassia, with its intense aromatic qualities and taste, is the popular choice for Cinnamon Rolls.

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Cinnamon ~ Saigon Cassia

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Saigon Cinnamon (aka Vietnamese Cinnamon) is the strongest and sweetest species of Cinnamon available. Ours is freshly milled from organically grown quills to get the most intense flavor possible. Holds up to Vietnamese Pho and full-flavor meats; makes a great addition to yogurt; or ratchet up your baking with this powerful, nearly hot cinnamon flavor.


Quick Tips:

  • Add 1-2 tsp Saigon Cinnamon to 1 cup Straus Family Organic yogurt.
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Despite attempts at clove monopolies, by the 18th century cloves were grown in many places including Brazil, Tanzania, and Madagascar.  The whole Clove looks much like a nail, hence its French namesake, “clou” (nail).

Use in pastries, puddings, cooked fruits, and cakes, or sprinkle on oatmeal for a treat. Also yummy in stews and vegetables. Pairs well with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.

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Cocoa Powder, Royal Dutch


1.5 cups of Royal Dutch Cocoa Powder in a bulk bag.

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