Hand-blended in small batches with veggies, herbs, and spices, Local Spicery's Bada Bing Bouillon Oooh-Mommy Umami is the oil- and salt-free answer to old-school bouillon cubes.
Darshana Thacker Forks over Knives
Local Spicery is very like-minded for our ideals. The company has all the makings of the artisans and producers we like to support, since they are locally based and put a premium on quality and freshness.
Mark Hopper owner of Vignette, former executive chef at Farmshop
One of our customers told me with great joy on her face that [Local Spicery] "changed my life." It was a bit mystifying to imagine that spices could, indeed, make a person so happy. Maybe you better not miss out?
Sebastopol Farm Market
Belizean jerk rub is a portrait of pitch-perfect aroma and flavors,
Carey Sweet for the San Francisco Chronicle
Their fans know they can depend on them for intriguing blends (and excellent advice on how to use them).
Pat Fusco for the Pacific Sun
[Stinson Rub] is a really great blend. Not spicy but has a ton of flavor and a nice balance of herb and spice. Love it on seared flank steak and good on roasted chicken as well. Just about to try it as a base for a brisket marinade.
[Za'atar] is fantastic. It improves cooked vegetables & salads, either sprinkled on top or cooked in during sauté. Whenever something tastes a little bland now I reach for the Za'atar.
Our editor's personal favorite [buffalo milk gelato], ginger, is made with freshly ground-to-order ginger sourced from Nicholas Davoren and Evelyn Wood, owners of Marin's Local Spicery.
Christina Mueller reviewing Double 8 Dairy for Edible Marin & Wine Country
WOW, WOW, & WOW!!!.... This is the best [Chipotle Sea Salt] by FAR that I have tried & I have tried many many spiced up salts. The Chipotle heat is somewhat mild but it's there for sure,the smoky flavor of the Chipotle is great & I think the use of the pink salt is a great awesome decision.... a must have if you ask me... puts a whole new level on adding a bit of [salt] to your cucumber or watermelon! [...]a great add on to fish & chicken yumyummy
[Garden Gems] is amazing in your morning egg white omelet with spinach and feta cheese. YUMMY!!!
I usually am pretty snooty and like blending and grinding my own spices as I cook, but I have so far really enjoyed all of the LS blends I have tried.
A coworker and I were treated to your spices as a Christmas gift. Being located in Memphis, the spices are a really special treat!! My compliments for creating an outstanding product!!
The Morita pepper spice and Berbere were excellent on our pumpkin seeds last night. It's a great Halloween kick!
Local Spicery has been selling impeccable blends, salts, and whole spices at the Marin Farmers Market and online for some time; now the family team of Nick Davoren, Evelyn Wood and their daughter Rachel have a brick-and-mortar site...where customers can visit two days a week to pick up prepaid orders and experience the fragrant atmosphere.
Pat Fusco for Marinivore Think Global, Eat Local
[R]ecently I tasted Local Spicery's 'Bistro Blend,' a combination of four varieties [of chiles], including jalapeño. That jalapeño adds a dimension that I love in certain dishes, as it contributes what I call a green flourish. It's particularly delicious with queso fundido,
Michele Anna Jordan from The Press Democrat
Monday afternoon I picked up my first Spicery order -- Fine Herbes and Herbes de Provence -- and I have been using them liberally in my soups and omelets this week. I am a HAPPY man!
[Dawn] is great in Straus unflavored yogurt with some seasonal berries or fruit. Also, it makes a a great spice for rice and on popcorn. Love this product.
My mom gave me a gift box at Christmas, and I have loved your blends. Excited to have some more.
This [Grapefruit Risotto], which makes a lovely first course, is inspired...in part by ground cardamom from the Local Spicery, which attends two farmers markets in Sonoma County.
Michele Anna Jordan from The Press Democrat
Chermoula is a great flavor for just about any meat or vegetable dish. It was the perfect amount of zing for this Tilapia.
I bought your Saigon cinnamon on Saturday and mixed it this morning with a cup of greek yogurt.... YUM!!! I thought it would be "more" cinnamon, but instead it has a rich flavor all its own.
[French Vinaigrette is] easy to throw together and super tasty!!
Public service announcement: if you add a little bit of the fine ground Bistro Blend and some cinnamon to basic hot chocolate, it will absolutely blow your mind.
Thank you for your incredible spices. Wow!
Best hidden gem in Tiburon! I love that it's a family business. The daughter, or tea guru herself, gave excellent advice on how to best prepare the brew...
K.S. Yelp Review
Always pleased that they know their merchandise. Like that it is a family-owned business.
Square Customer July 2017
So glad you are here!
Tiburon Customer December 2016
Really great little shop in downtown Tiburon...
Jen G. Yelp Review
Best hidden gem in Tiburon! I love that it's a family business. The daughter, or tea guru herself, gave excellent advice on how to best prepare the brew...
K.S. Yelp Review
What a cool local business with locally milled spices and signature blends. If you are a foodie or love to cook, you will love this place...
Kelly J. Yelp Review
Super assortment of the freshest spices and spice blends to meet your needs for any dish! ...
Glenn H. Cookbook Reviewer, Yelp Review
WOW! Great place. Interesting spices and teas. And Jan was a fantastic hostess...er, "Spice Sorceress." ...
Bob B. Yelp Review
A truly wonderful spice store w/a plethora of global flavors. ... A must to visit!
Maria M. Yelp Review
Really impressed with the selection. The smells inspired Mexican, Indian, Italian cuisines for truly reasonable prices!
Charu R. Yelp Review
We partnered with the Local Spicery owners to create a unique unity ceremony for our wedding as well as the table favors for our reception. They were so wonderful to work with ... the favors were artfully crafted, beautifully packaged, and included helpful tips and recipes! ... We could not thank them enough.
Linda H. Yelp Review
This is my favorite place right now! Their spices are amazing! ...
Taylor T. Yelp Review
What a magical spot. Love it so much. Thanks for being there.
Susan G. Tiburon customer
Love this store. Thank you for creating such wonderful products.
Ann W. Tiburon customer
Love love love the owners and the store! Cannot beat the quality! You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck! Great little secret in Marysville!
Renee H. Marysville customer
So glad you are here! Always a pleasure to go in and find new flavors and old favorites. Lovely people. Thank you.
Moira O. Tiburon customer
Great visit to your store. I love a family business and you really know your spices and have come up with some great combinations!!
Barbara S. Tiburon customer
Quality products at a fair price. Excellent service. Thanks.
William H. Tiburon customer
Great space and quality customer service and the product speaks for itself! Thank you!
Janis S. Tiburon customer
So glad to have this wonderful shop in town. Super knowledgeable. Beautiful location.
James M. Marysville customer
A delightful shop with wonderful quality spices and great customer service.
Ann G. Tiburon customer
Love this local gem.
James C. Tiburon customer
My husband and I love this place. They mill their own spices, plus they have great teas and accessories. Sometimes we make the trip from Sacramento specifically to come here.. Their chipotle salt is a must..
Loreal S. Yelp Review
What a cool local business with locally milled spices and signature blends. If you area foodie or love to cook, you will love this place.
Kelly J. Yelp Review
Great place for quality spices!
Michael F. Google Review
What a fascinating store. One of those places where you want to try everything. It was so difficult to choose, definitely something for everyone. Wonderful service.
Patrick M. Google Review
I live in Chicago and have access to a few spice shops and they are all good. In my opinion, none of them compare to this one. These spices are so fresh and flavorful.
Judy O.
A local gem. Amazing stuff.
Kevin F. Google Review
In a world of harsh commercial no-salt blends, these carefully crafted seasonings truly stand out.
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Freshly milled and hand blended in small quantities.

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Premium teas and freshly milled spices.

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Only all-natural spices of the highest quality, milled in our state-of-the-art facility in California. No irradiation/ETO, no fillers, no added gluten, no GMO.

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