French Vinaigrette

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Traditional French meals are completed by serving a simple salad course, frequently just lettuce or frisee leaves moistened by a very light vinaigrette. Our French Vinaigrette Dressing is authentically based on shallots, milled mustard seed, and French herbs. After mixing (directions below), pour some dressing into the bottom of your salad bowl before adding the dry lettuce. Toss and enjoy. Also makes a wonderful marinade for asparagus, broccoli, or green beans. Bon appetit!


Traditional French dressing or vegetable marinade directions: Mix 2T Blend with 2T water, let stand 5 minutes to rehydrate. Whisk in ½ cup olive oil & 1/4 to 1/3 cup vinegar (typically sherry vinegar, wine vinegar, or our personal favorite, champagne vinegar).


Hand blended in small batches: shallots, sea salt, mustard, black pepper, and tarragon.


Quick Tips:

  • Toss some French Vinaigrette Spice Blend on white fish before grilling or pan-frying.

1 review for French Vinaigrette

  1. Jane

    easy to throw together and super tasty!! ~ posted 5/28/2014

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