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This sophisticated, sweet dust adds complexity, exotic aromatics, and an immediate “sweet” register to desserts, fruit, berries, dairy products and cakes. Dusk turns the simplest desserts into and elegant ending to your meal. Sprinkle on fruit. Finish any dessert with sweet aromatic elegance. Pairs well with cream, creme fraiche, Mascarpone, or ricotta. Adds complexity to pound cake, shortcake, or lady fingers.


Quick tips:

  • Dust Dusk over grilled peaches and serve with Three Twins Madagascar Vanilla ice cream.


Suggested Recipes:

Dusk Apricot Bars


1 review for Dusk

  1. Marjie

    This wonderful blend sent my clementine cake over the top. Mix it up with some powdered sugar (use real glazing sugar without the cornstarch!) and a little water. It makes an amazing, intriguing glaze. Everyone comes back for seconds! ~ posted 1/25/2015

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