Garden Gems

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A medley of three types of Onion plus Garlic and Sea Salt brings garden flavors to any dish. A few sprinkles adds that feeling of simplicity and comfort reminiscent of French cooking. A perfect way to celebrate a spring day, or to bring sunlight to your table in the winter. As versatile as salt & pepper: add to eggs; season poultry, fish, & vegetables; or serve at the table as a finishing spice.


Hand blended in small batches with: onion, shallots, sea salt, garlic, green pepper, and chives.

8 reviews for Garden Gems

  1. Alex

    This blend is amazing in your morning egg white omelet with spinach and feta cheese. YUMMY!!! ~ posted 9/11/2013

  2. Daria

    I have used this blend in many dishes from eggs to soups and more. Love it! Going to buy more tomorrow. Thanks for making my cooking rule! 😉 ~ posted 12/8/2014

  3. Krista

    This is fantastic on roasted vegetables! I also put in soups and sprinkled on salads. Really versatile. ~ posted 1/22/2016

  4. Krista

    Fantastic on roasted vegetables, in soups and sprinkled on salads. Very tasty. ~ posted 1/22/2016

  5. Suzanne

    Garden Gems really are little gems. I add them to just about anything, especially when something I’ve made up needs some extra zip. ~ posted 3/2/2016

  6. James Dalessandro

    I mix it with Olive Oil, spread it in a flat, wide bowl and roll a pork roast through it over and over. I let it sit for awhile, role it some more. Do it on “Roast” in my Wolf Gang Puck mini-electric oven. We serve it with some home made apple sauce, or pear/apricot sauce, and it’s heaven.

  7. James Dalessandro

    I’m one of their biggest fans.

  8. DEENA BURKE (verified owner)

    I usually do all things in the kitchen myself. However, this blend is so versatile and so yummy that I buy it in bulk! It makes the most fabulous homemade buttermilk ranch dressing. It is, as they suggest, great in eggs. Also wonderful on fish and poultry and on all sorts of vegetables. Love it!!

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