Pepperoni Blend

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Developed w/chefs at a local restaurant for use in vegetarian “Pepperoni” dishes. Add Pepperoni flavoring at your every whim.


Hand blended in small batches with: smoked paprika, Chiles, anise seed, mustard seed, garlic, and fennel.


Recommended by Chef AJ.


Click here to for demonstrations of people cooking with our Pepperoni Blend on YouTube.


25 reviews for Pepperoni Blend

  1. Lauren

    This is absolutely wonderful — smoky, spicy and tastes just like, well, pepperoni. 🙂 Whether you’re making your own pepperoni or opting for vegetarian alternatives (I use it on semi-dehydrated mushrooms/tomatoes for mock pepperoni) or looking to spice up sauce or cheese pizza, it’s perfect. Can’t recommend more heartily! ~ posted 1/24/2017

  2. lspicery-admin

    I’m so sorry, but we don’t ship to Australia.

  3. shscharles (verified owner)

    Was gifted with a basket that included a jar of pretty bland marinara sauce. Tossed in about a heaping tsp. of the Pepperoni blend (for 1/2 a jar) and voila! It was delicious! My new go-to for fat-free Italian!

  4. shingo

    Can you please list the ingredients? I dislike certain spices and there is no guide saying what is in this spice. Thanks

    • lspicery-admin

      Pepperoni Spice contains Smoked Paprika, Guajillo Chile, Anise Seed, Mustard Seed, de Arbol Chile, Garlic & Fennel.

  5. Sonja Scha (verified owner)

    Yes, I reviewed before, but after watching Nick’s You Tube video with Chef AJ I tried the Pepperoni Blend on roasted sweet potatoes. Whoosh! Mind blown. So good! Thanks!

  6. Leslie

    Is there a link to Nick’s YouTube channel that is referenced? I would love to watch that video!

  7. CC (verified owner)

    Excellent spice! I also follow Chef AJ SOS eating and I cannot tell you how much this spice flavors anything! I make veggie soup and add this spice to it, amazing! Keep up the outstanding spices, it’s amazing how much I do not miss salt or sugar!

  8. Mindy

    This is absolutely delightful!! We use it on home made cheese less pizzas and wowza! I’m going to try some of the other suggestions like in marinara and roasted potatoes. Thanks for sharing your ideas everyone!! And thanks for these wonderful SOS blends. I am finally enjoying my SOS foods now!! This is what I have been missing. I don’t intend to shop anywhere else for spices. These are by far the most fresh tasting and fragrant spices I have ever used

  9. Roz

    Please tell me the amount you get in standard glass jar and a
    Punt you get on refill for standard How many oz?

  10. steinplace

    Is this a ‘hot’ spicy taste? On the hot scale what would it rate from 1 to 5? TY

    • lspicery-admin

      There are Chiles in the blend, so it is a little warm, but not too hot. We’d rate it a two out of five.

  11. Linda J. Johnson

    Stormi Plant Based Storm

  12. ctonseth (verified owner)

    A go-to spice to add flavor wherever you want it ! After pre-cooking potatoes in the microwave we sprinkled them heavily with Pepperoni and Bensons Table Tasty before air frying… yum

  13. Connie Warner (verified owner)

    Wow–loved this! So far, I’ve added it to plant based pizza and to mushroom, spinach, and butternut squash risotto–perfection–and will add it to more dishes that need a tasty kick! Heard about this from Chef AJ and now I understand why she loves it! Thanks so much!

  14. Tamara Amorosi

    You are out of stock! When will you have the Pepperoni Blend back in stock. Also when will the Vignette Chili Flakes be back in stock? Thank you!

    • lspicery-admin

      Pepperoni Blend is back in stock! We’ll need a couple more weeks for Vignette Chili Flakes.

  15. Constance Evans

    love it


    Question – Why is it that you don’t show the ounce size of the 4 different amounts that you sell? Standard and large glass jar, large refill pouch and bulk? I think that’s an important thing to show in your product “Size and Packaging” drop down list. Can’t give a proper rating because I haven’t tried it, I’d like to know the oz size of each. I will update after purchase.

    • lspicery-admin

      We offer three sizes through our website: standard, large and bulk. In general, our standard-size jars contain approximately 3/8 cup of spice, our large-size jars and bags contain approximately 5/8 cup of spice, and our bulk-size bags contain approximately 1 1/2 cup of spice.

      We are often asked how many ounces are in each jar, but as we measure by net weight, not liquid ounces, the weights vary dependent on what is in the jar, i.e. milled mushroom powder is much lighter than salt! That’s why we answer this question using volume. (The net weight in ounces and grams will be on the label, but we do not post on the website because we package in small lots, and weights often change from lot to lot. We sent you an email with net weights as of today.)

  17. Marie Handywoman (verified owner)

    Love it! Just arrived yesterday. We tossed mushrooms, onions and peppers in the pepperoni spice and made vegan pizzas. They were so good! They smelled and tasted of pepperoni. They were such a hit that we are having the same menu tomorrow night.

  18. Linda Pierce


  19. Samantha Watson (verified owner)

    Wow this is amazing Saw High carb Hannah recommend it
    I just roasted chick peas with it and ate the whole tray-
    I will be ordering more and I’m excited to try the two sample blends that came a surprise bonus !

  20. Sylvia

    Taste just like pepperoni. I use it in tomato sauce. Love it!!

  21. Ealy (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite spices! It has the aroma and taste of pepperoni and only 6 ingredients: smoked paprika, chiles, anise seed, mustard seed, garlic, and fennel. When I saw Chef AJ recommended it, I knew it was a winner.

  22. Ealy Lim (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite spices! It has the aroma and taste of pepperoni and only 6 ingredients: smoked paprika, chiles, anise seed, mustard seed, garlic, and fennel. When I saw Chef AJ recommended it, I knew it was a winner.

  23. Karen Caton (verified owner)

    Best spice blend ever!!

  24. Heather Dunphy (verified owner)

    This is very spicy, a little goes a long way! Very good in very small doses.

  25. Kelli Carman (verified owner)

    This spice was recommended by High Carb Hannah and Chef AJ so when I saw Local Spicery is located in my hometown of Marysville, I ordered right away. It’s a high quality, fresh blend of spices very similar in taste to pepperoni with a surprisingly spicy hot kick. If you can stand the heat, you’ll love this!

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