Pepperoni Blend

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Developed w/chefs at a local restaurant for use in vegetarian “Pepperoni” dishes. Add Pepperoni flavoring at your every whim.

Also recommended by Chef AJ.


5 reviews for Pepperoni Blend

  1. Lauren

    This is absolutely wonderful — smoky, spicy and tastes just like, well, pepperoni. 🙂 Whether you’re making your own pepperoni or opting for vegetarian alternatives (I use it on semi-dehydrated mushrooms/tomatoes for mock pepperoni) or looking to spice up sauce or cheese pizza, it’s perfect. Can’t recommend more heartily! ~ posted 1/24/2017

  2. Susan Schwindt

    Hi, I would like to know if you would be able to send me some samples of your spices please? In particular I need salt free spices. I can’t get very many here in Australia and would love to try your pepperoni blend. My address is 253 Coromandel Parade Coromandel Valley South Australia 5051. If that is at all possible I would be very grateful.

    • lspicery-admin

      I’m so sorry, but we don’t ship to Australia.

  3. shscharles (verified owner)

    Was gifted with a basket that included a jar of pretty bland marinara sauce. Tossed in about a heaping tsp. of the Pepperoni blend (for 1/2 a jar) and voila! It was delicious! My new go-to for fat-free Italian!

  4. shingo

    Can you please list the ingredients? I dislike certain spices and there is no guide saying what is in this spice. Thanks

    • lspicery-admin

      Pepperoni Spice contains Smoked Paprika, Guajillo Chile, Anise Seed, Mustard Seed, de Arbol Chile, Garlic & Fennel.

  5. Sonja Scha (verified owner)

    Yes, I reviewed before, but after watching Nick’s You Tube video with Chef AJ I tried the Pepperoni Blend on roasted sweet potatoes. Whoosh! Mind blown. So good! Thanks!

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