Cardamom Seed

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Part of the ginger family, Cardamom means grains of paradise.  Historically, Cardamom has been used to flavor foods, as an ingredient in perfumes, and even for medicinal purposes.

Known for its sweet and spicy taste, Cardamom seed is used equally in sweet dishes such as breads and cakes and in savory dishes such as meats and curries. Use in baked goods, sprinkle on oatmeal, ice cream, or iced melon, and add to curry. Cardamom has a sharp aroma and distinctive flavor that can be compared to anise or eucalyptus.  For a Middle Eastern treat, sprinkle in your coffee.


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1 review for Cardamom Seed

  1. Pia States

    I have bought different spices from the Local Spicery at the Farmers Market in Chico and just love them. My favorite is “Pacific Heights” which I Mainly use on Chicken thighs and put them in my Airfryer or fry the in a pan, add Green onions and add heavy cream mixed with milk, it tastes and smells great. I have gifted several jars to friends and family and everybody loves it.
    I highly recommend trying it.

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