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This signature blend delivers some very adult, sentimental flavors to your morning yogurt, transporting you to an exotic place that is somehow familiar and comforting. Subtly sweet with coconut sugar, featuring vanilla & saffron, with bites of sesame & flax seed. A generous spoonful of Dawn in plain yogurt unlocks a delicate treat.

Note: due to a substantial increase in the cost of vanilla, we have had to raise the price of this blend.

Quick Tips:

  • Try Dawn in coffee, on top of the foam in lattes, sprinkled over buttered toast, or even over popcorn as a kettlecorn stand-in.

3 reviews for Dawn

  1. Diane

    This product is great in Straus unflavored yogurt with some seasonal berries or fruit. Also, it makes a a great spice for rice and on popcorn. Love this product. ~ posted 2/26/2014

  2. Liz

    My sister sent this to me, I’m ordering more as gifts. It’s delicious in my morning coffee, sprinkled on yogurt, ice cream, or pudding. It’s comfort food decadence to put a smile on my face as I think of my big sis. ~ posted 2/26/2014

  3. Marjie

    This is the perfect finishing touch on oatmeal topped with sliced bananas, walnuts, and maple syrup! ~ posted 1/25/2015

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