Spiced drinking chocolates make a great gift!

This Valentine’s Day, offer your loved one a taste of your personality- or show them how well you know theirs!  With spices, teas, and drinking chocolates, you simply can’t go wrong.  We have gathered here the most inherently romantic of our gift sets, spices, and teas, as a point from which to begin your quest for the perfect present.  Spices & teas have been a key to culture as far back as the written word, given travelers and friends a taste of the host’s personality by introducing them to unfamiliar flavors and new ingredients.  Now, spices and teas have become highlights at weddings, for much the same practice- introducing the guests to the favorite blend of the happy couple.


If you know the perfect flavors already, create your own perfect gift- our boxes fit up to 4 standard jars, up to 2 large jars, or 2 standard & 1 large, giving you the opportunity for your own personal flair.  A gift box may give a hint that you’ll be treating them to a homemade dinner, or a tea could add relaxing sensuality to the day, or truffle salt can act as a decadent garnish to bring a special twist to familiar foods.


Browse below to see our recommendations, or come by our shops in Tiburon or in Marysville for a more personalized selection!

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Avonlea ~ Anne Shirley


Tannic, sunny, and citrusy.  Anne of Green Gables inspired this tea with her boundless energy and wholehearted optimism.  Wonderful morning blend, pairing the delicate flavor of Darjeeling Black Tea with the sweetness of orange zest and roses.

Like Anne Shirley brightening the Cuthberts’ days with her enthusiasm and imagination, this summery tea blend pairs perfectly with sunrise, porches, and warm days. Drink hot or iced.  No aromatic oils.  Just sunny spices and black tea, for a wholesome start to the day.


Hand blended in small batches: rosehips, Darjeeling, Assam, orange peel and rose.

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Baker Street ~ John Watson


Brisk, strong, and robust.  Three black teas of highest quality, in one mug?  It’s elementary, really- start the day with Baker Street, and you’ll have the energy to keep up.

Traditional English Breakfast blends contain two or more black teas.  With Keemun Black for body and Assam & China Black for tannins, Baker Street is a delightful way to jumpstart the day- and if you’re off to solve the world’s mysteries, you need a jumpstart.  No aromatic oils.  Just pure black tea to wake you up.

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Black Truffle Sea Salt

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Prized by Roman chefs since the early fifth century, a taste of Truffle turns everyday meals into gourmet creations. Wealthy Romans would give a Truffle as a gift to honor the recipient as well as the giver. Sprinkle this finishing Salt on meats, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, seafood and popcorn to add a hint of earthy, mushroomy flavor. Mix with a swirl of olive oil to create a gourmet bread dipper.

Packaged in our gold-top glass size jar, approximately 1/2 cup.

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Bloody Mary Your Way Gift Box


Bloody Mary Your Way

The ultimate nutritious breakfast, hangover cure, or evening cocktail.


1/4 Cup (2 ounces) Tomato Juice
3 Tablespoons (1.5 ounces) Vodka
1 Teaspoon Worcester Sauce
3/4 Teaspoon Horseradish
1/4 Teaspoon Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Pinch Celery Sea Salt
A Pinch of spice, your choice or combine, to taste:

Traditional ~ San Francisco Bay
Yucatecan Twist ~ Axiote
Ethiopian Twist ~ Berbere

Place ice into a tall glass & add the vodka. Add tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, fresh lemon juice & spices. Stir well. Adjust the seasoning to taste. Garnish with celery, cucumber spear, and/or spiced green bean, and serve.


Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains four unique spices (Celery Sea Salt, San Francisco Bay, Axiote, Berbere) in our standard jars and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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(Based on 5 reviews)

This signature blend delivers some very adult, sentimental flavors to your morning yogurt, transporting you to an exotic place that is somehow familiar and comforting. Subtly sweet with coconut sugar, featuring vanilla & saffron, with bites of sesame & flax seed. A generous spoonful of Dawn in plain yogurt unlocks a delicate treat.


Hand blended in small batches: palm sugar, toasted sesame seeds, vanilla, flax seeds, cardamom, ginger, saffron and Ceylon cinnamon.


Quick Tips:

  • Try Dawn in coffee, on top of the foam in lattes, sprinkled over buttered toast, or even over popcorn as a kettlecorn stand-in.
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Drinking Chocolate

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Local Spicery’s Drinking Chocolate! Available in a variety of flavors from October through May, while supplies last. Decadent, rich, and deeply satisfying! Blended from local craft-made chocolate and dark Belgian cocoa with a touch of coconut sugar. Delivers a deep, rich, slightly bitter chocolate flavor without too much sweetness and no dairy products. Sold in 6 ounce tins.


Directions: One rounded Tbsp to 6 oz heated milk of choice. Simmer while stirring until chocolate is melted & fully combined with milk. Strain into cup. An additional teaspoon of sugar makes a more traditional hot chocolate.




Classic Dark Hot Chocolate ~ Blended from local craft-made chocolate and dark Belgian cocoa. Delivers a deep, rich, slightly bitter chocolate flavor without too much sweetness.  Hand-blended in small batches with: Tcho Dark Chocolate Crumbles [cacao, cane sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and vanilla], Callebaut Dutch Cocoa (cocoa powder), and palm sugar.  Note: Tcho Dark Chocolate is packaged in a facility that also packages soy, milk and tree nut products.


Fleur de Sel & Lavender Hot Chocolate ~ Rich, silky, and satisfying. Subtly floral and salted just enough to complement the dark chocolate.


Mexican ~ Spiced with cinnamon and Chile!  Dairy-free, spicy, and decadent…


Seasonal Flavor ~ A spiced hot chocolate with a theme! We rotate this flavor throughout the cold season, keeping each as a limited time release. The current seasonal flavor is listed in the purchase options.

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(Based on 3 reviews)

This sophisticated, sweet dust adds complexity, exotic aromatics, and an immediate “sweet” register to desserts, fruit, berries, dairy products and cakes. Dusk turns the simplest desserts into and elegant ending to your meal. Sprinkle on fruit. Finish any dessert with sweet aromatic elegance. Pairs well with cream, crème fraiche, Mascarpone, or ricotta. Adds complexity to pound cake, shortcake, or lady fingers.


Hand blended in small batches with: orange peel, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and galangal.


Quick tips:

  • Dust Dusk over grilled peaches and serve with Three Twins Madagascar Vanilla ice cream.


Suggested Recipes:

Dusk Apricot Bars

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Garden Gems

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A medley of three types of Onion plus Garlic and Sea Salt brings garden flavors to any dish. A few sprinkles adds that feeling of simplicity and comfort reminiscent of French cooking. A perfect way to celebrate a spring day, or to bring sunlight to your table in the winter. As versatile as salt & pepper: add to eggs; season poultry, fish, & vegetables; or serve at the table as a finishing spice.


Hand blended in small batches with: onion, shallots, sea salt, garlic, green pepper, and chives.

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Grill Master Gift Box


Grill Master

— Axiote —
An earthy Central American rub for poultry, fish and flank steak.

— Black Bart —
A surprisingly sophisticated steak rub highlighting onion and dill.

— Pacific Heights —
Versatile rub with a strong garlic flavor, accented with just a hint of fennel. Use on everything.

— Stinson —
A mild ancho-herb dry rub that won’t overpower a good cut of meat. Great on Salmon, Chicken and veggies too.


Lovely striped Kraft gift box contains these four unique spices in our standard jars and the above message, tied with a Local Spicery bow.

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Gunpowder Green Tea


Named for its resemblance to gunpowder, this tea is withered, steamed and rolled before being dried. Gunpowder Green Tea was easier to transport without damaging the tea leaves, making it popular among sailors and colonists.

Gunpowder Green Tea dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China (618-907).  It is commonly found as the base for the traditional North American mint tea found at social gatherings. No flavors added ~ Just pure Gunpowder Green Tea.

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La Mancha ~ Dulcinea


Cacao, roses, and a hint of cinnamon makes this black tea blend rich and romantic.  Dulcinea brings out all that is impossible and fanciful in life, existing to tint all glasses rose. Hopeless optimism and sense of adventure not included.

Black tea strengthens while Cassia sweetens, creating a sensual tea for those who dream the impossible dream.  Don Quixote’s Dulcinea is all that is beautiful & pure in life.  While tilting at windmills could cast you down, it may also cast you up…among the stars!  No aromatic oils.  Just pure flavor, and lots of heart.  Contains black tea, cacao, roses, and cassia.

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Maghreb ~ Scheherazade


Crisp, strong, and fortifying. The mint flavors perfectly complement the strong character inherent in Gunpowder Green Tea, creating a blend you can come back to over one thousand and one nights.

Spearmint & Gunpowder Green Tea define this hospitality drink of the Maghreb region of North Africa. Sweetened with Peppermint and a twist of Lemon Verbena, this tea will keep you alert through any twists and turns.  No aromatic oils.  Just pure content to further the plot when the sun sets.  Contents: Gun powder Green Tea, Peppermint, Spearmint and Lemon Verbena.

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