Vegan Peruvian Papa a la Huancaina (Potatoes in Yellow Sauce)

  • The Potatoes:

About 6 baby potatoes per person (red or Yukon Gold), steamed for around 20-25 minutes.  The potatoes should be tender when pierced with a fork, with just a little resistance.  (I think of this as about 5 minutes before they would be ready to mash).  Do not overcook.  Chill overnight, then flatten each potato with the bottom of a glass to about 1/2” thick.  Just before serving, air fry at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes until crispy on the outside.

  • The Huancaina Sauce:

½ Cup, unsalted, unroasted Cashews

¾ Cup, Water

2 TBSP, Aji Amarillo (Peruvian Yellow Peppers), Milled

½ tsp Turmeric Powder

¾ tsp Garlic Powder

¼ tsp, Cumin

1 tsp, Local Spicery Sel-acious Salt Substitute

1 TBSP Cider Vinegar

¼ Cup, Oat Milk

Juice of ½ Lemon

Combine all ingredients in a high-power blender for one minute at about ¾ speed. Allow to sit for 5 -10 minutes, then blend again for 2-3 minutes.  The sauce should be creamy with little to no chunks in it.  The sauce will refrigerate well for up to a week and is actually better the next day.  It can be served cold, room temperature, or heated.


  • Assemble the Papa A la Huancaina

Arrange the papa (smashed air-fried potatoes) on a bed of arugula, butter lettuce or other greens.  Drizzle the sauce over the potatoes.  Add garnish such as sliced black olives, thinly sliced scallions, red onions and/or shredded carrots. Enjoy!

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